Home Run Derby 5/14

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The Home Run Derby will list 2-3 players that are in prime power hitting spots. To get the full upside of each players performance, they should be included in a team stack as well as possible one offs.

JORGE SOLER— No one presently in the league has earned the “Gas Can” title more than Shelby Miller. Against right handed batters, Miller is allowing a .365 wOBA, a 42% hard hit rate, a 41% fly ball rate, 16% walks and 1.10 HR/9. Miller throws two basic pitches to RH’s – a 94 mph fastball and 80 mph curve (with a cutter thrown in about 8% of the time).

Soler is a wild card today. He should be low owned and primed for a breakout game. He comes into game with a .333 wOBA, 282 ISO and 38% contact against RH’s. Better yet, against a 94 MPH right handed fastball, he’s hitting a .378 CXwOBA and .250 ISO. With three home runs in his last 9 games, Soler is a sneaky long ball play.

KHRIS DAVIS— “Krush” makes the Derby list for the second day in a row. We said he was over due last night and one of baseballs streakiest hitters proved us right. After going 20 games without a home run, Davis broke out with a bang, smashing two homers. Along with his usual slash line of .243/.321/.521, Davis smokes right handed pitching to the tune of a .366 wOBA and .287 ISO.

Seattle pitcher Mike Leake throws everything but the kitchen sink at right handed bats- a slider, a changeup, a cutter and a sinker. He can even shoot a bullet. All pitches look like a beach ball for “Krush” when he is on a tear and its usually not a matter of if he hits a home run, its “how many?”

Good luck tonight, let’s get some dingers!

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