Home Run Derby 5/15

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The Home Run Derby will list 2-3 players that are in prime power hitting spots. To get the full upside of each players performance, they should be included in a team stack as well as possible one offs.

Early Slate

LUKE VOIT– Yankee Stadium. Day game. Wind blowing out at game time. David Hess and his 47.7% hard contact, 3.15 HR/9 and .397 wOBA to right handed bats. Recipe for a Yankee explosion.

Gary Sanchez, Clint Frazier, Aaron Hicks. They all are worthy of long ball consideration. But Luke Voit is our pick for today. Against right handers, Voit comes in with a .395 wOBA, .261 ISO, 35.6 FB% and 40% hard contact. To make matters worse for Hess, he throws a sinker more than any other pitch to right handed bats. How well does Voit hit a fastball sinker? Well to the tune of a .539 wOBA, .333 ISO and 45% hard contact. The balls will be flying out of Yankee Stadium today.

Main Slate

Aledmys Diaz— For those who don’t remember, Diaz had a monster rookie year for the Cards a few years back. He especially hit lefties well. The following year he really struggled and with the emergence of Paul DeJong, lost his job. After bouncing around a bit, Diaz has found a new home with the Astros. 

Diaz has homered in 3 of the last 4 games and gets another smash spot tonight against the hard throwing Soto. Soto leaned heavily on his sinker in his debut. A pitch Diaz hits to the tune of .449 wOBA and .291 ISO. From this same game, Chirinos has an even more impressive .470 wOBA and .353 ISO. Look for one, if not both guys to go long. 

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