Home Run Derby 5/20

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The Home Run Derby will list 2-3 players that are in prime power hitting spots. To get the full upside of each players performance, they should be included in a team stack as well as possible one offs.

Anthony Rizzo– Rizzo and the Cubs are at home taking on Jake Arrieta and the Phillies. Arrieta is really struggling against lefties over the past 365 days, giving up a .367 wOBA and .198 ISO. On the flip side, Rizzo continues to be steady with an elite .400 wOBA and .255 ISO against righties. 

What makes Rizzo especially intriguing tonight is Arrietas pitch selection. At this point if his career, Arrieta leans heavily on the sinker, throwing it right around 50% of the time to lefties. Rizzo crushes sinkers with a ridiculous .510 wOBA and .390 ISO. What makes it even crazier is those numbers come with a huge same size. (If you want to stack some Cubs with Rizzo, attack with lefties. 4 of the top 5 are lefties tonight and all in play.)

Joey Gallo– Tonight’s highest implied total belongs to the Rangers at home against Mike Leake with a total of 6.1. Leake throws a ton of different pitches but throws the sinker the most. 

Gallo leads the way against the sinker with a .473 wOBA and .417 ISO. If Leake throws Joey some secondary pitches, he will still struggle as Gallo has a .200+ ISO against Leaks 2nd and 4th most thrown pitch and a monster .452 ISO against the cutter, Leaks 3rd pitch. (If you want to stack with Gallo, you can look to do so with pretty much any Ranger bat tonight as 1-8 are solid options.)

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