Home Run Derby 6/1

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Before we dive in, lets see how yesterdays picks fared.

Juan Soto- 1 homer, 2 R, 1 RBI- 30.9 Fanduel Points

Trevor Story-2 homers, 4 R, 7 RBI- 70.3 Fanduel Points!

What a monster day for our home run derby picks with over 100 points combined! Let’s see if we can pick out a few more today.

Joey Gallo- The Rangers continue their series with the Royals at home. It is going to be in the 90’s and the ball should be flying out. Oh, and Homer Bailey is pitching….

Homer hasn’t been the complete dumpster fire that he was last year, but he still isn’t very good. His main pitch is a 92 mph fastball, which he throws over 40% to both lefties and righties. Gallo CRUSHES 92-94 mph fastballs from righties to the tune of .559 wOBA, .620 ISO (!!), 54% hard hit rate and an average distance of 336 feet. Not surprisingly, Gallo is 2-2 against Bailey with a homer. 

Homer gives up a ton of power to lefties, not a good thing against a team heavy with power lefties. Give me Gallo/Choo/Mazara and even Odor/Guzman. Kansas City has the 3rd worst bull pen ERA in baseball. So don’t shy away from the righties either. Entire stack in play.

Austin Riley– This kid has been unreal since being called up, especially against lefties. And that is exactly what he gets today. Riley and Braves get Daniel Norris and the Tigers at home.

While Riley’s numbers against lefties are unsustainable, to this point in his young career, he is almost unstoppable against lefties. In 12 plate appearances against lefties (again, super small sample), Riley has 4 homers! Good for a .881 wOBA and 1.091 ISO. His BABIP of .500 tells you these numbers obviously aren’t sustainable. But until he shows otherwise, we will ride Riley against lefties! 

This is also a major “get right” spot for Ronald Acuna Jr. He has been struggling over the last week but facing a lefty could be just what he needs to jump start. He has a monster .420 wOBA and .320 ISO against lefties. 

Speaking of “get right” spots, this is exactly that not just for Acuna, but the Braves. These guys all hit lefties well, stack em up and stack em all. 

Max Muncy- The Dodgers are at home taking on rookie Cole Irvin of the Phillies. Irvin is a lefty, so why am I on Muncy, also a lefty? Irvin has gotten CRUSHED by lefties in his first few starts. Giving up a massive .450 wOBA and .294 ISO! 

On the flip side, Muncy quietly crushes lefties himself. He has a .371 wOBA and .274 ISO against lefties. Whats more, Cole Irvins main pitch to lefites is an 88 mph fastball. In a limited sample size, Muncy has destroyed 88-90 mph fastballs from lefties with an insane .836 wOBA, .857 ISO and whopping 67% hard hit rate!

The Dodgers are one of the Solutions teams favorite stacks. They are always under owned due to playing late and make for an excellent late night hammer stack. Considering Irvin’s struggles to lefties, don’t be afraid to stack this entire starting lineup.

Christian Yelich- Not surprisingly, Yelich is our top rated bat of the entire day. He is facing Nick Kingham of the Pirates, who is awful against lefties. I don’t really need to say much about Yelich as we all know how special he has been over the past season+, so lets just take a look at some numbers. While we are at it, lets look at the other guys as well. 

As you can see, we got a lot of green here..especially in the ISO department, which is what we want for homer upside. To finish up with Yelich, stack the power Brewer lefties here: Yelich/Moustakas/Grandal/Thames.

Good luck! 

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