Home Run Derby 6/4

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As usual, let’s take a look at how yesterday’s picks faired before digging in to today’s picks. 

Anthony Rizzo- Big Fat 0

Edwin Encarnacion- 1 Homer. 18.7 Fanduel Points

Our first dud in quite some time, Rizzo let us down in a smash spot. But we came back strong on the main slate with an E5 bomb. Let’s see whats on tap for tonight’s huge 15 game slate.

Cody Bellinger- Belli and the Dodger are in Arizona taking on Taylor Clarke and the DBacks. Our top 3 bats on the slate are all Dodgers, with Joc/Muncy/Bellinger. I think we could be looking at bombs from potentially all 3 of these guys and a very good chance at a bomb from Belli and Joc.

We are going with Belli over Joc here for a few reasons. 1. Joc has hit almost all of his homers at home with only 5 of his 18 homers coming on the road. Bellinger on the other hand has hit 8 of his 20 homers on the road. 2. Taylor Clarke throws a 93 mph fastball to lefties about 49%. This is a pitch both Joc and Bellinger hammer, with Bellinger coming out slightly ahead across the board with a .456 wOBA, .387 ISO, 51% hard hit rate and average distance of 327 feet. Joc is slightly below Belli in all of these categories.


This is a SMASH spot for the Dodgers as a whole. As I already stated, my top 3 rated bats are all Dodgers and Corey Seager checked in at #8. Give me all the Dodger lefties here! 

Austin Meadows- This should be our lower owned pick today. Austin Meadows is taking on Ryan Carpenter, a lefty, and the Tigers.

The lefty on lefty matchup should keep people off Meadows, but don’t let that scare you away. Austin Meadows has fantastic numbers against lefties so far in his young career. His numbers have been so good that he went from a platoon player who only started against righties, to a full time top 4 bat. Let’s take a look at some numbers.

Ryan Carpenter throws a 90 mph fastball to lefties 48% of the time. Austin Meadows has a monster line of .877 wOBA, .700 ISO, 60% hard hit rate and a 90% contact rate. Rays are always under owned despite being a solid team. The projected top 4 of: Diaz/Pham/Meadows/Garcia are all ranked in our top 15 bats. 

Javier Baez– Our last pick finds himself at home with strong winds blowing out to center, leading to a slate leading implied total of 6.4 runs for Baez and the Cubs. The Cubs are taking on Jeff Hoffman and the Rockies. 

To righties, Jeff Hoffman throws a 93 mph fastball half the time. Javier Baez has a .424 wOBA, .328 ISO and an average distance of 334 feet. 

With a slate high total, the Cubs will garner plenty of ownership and rightfully so. 5 of the top 6 Cubs here find themself in our top 25 rankings. With only Cargo falling short. With this wind, you can make a case for an entire stack here of any Cubs bats.

Bonus: Braves are facing a lefty today. If you read our article the other day, you know what that means. Austin Riley day. His numbers are unsustainable, but this early in his career, he is DESTROYING lefties. 


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