Home Run Derby 6/5

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Before we dive in, lets see how yesterdays picks fared.

Michael Conforto- 1 homer, 2 RBI, 1 R- 22.2 Fanduel Points

Matt Carpenter- Game PPD

Thanks to mother nature, we ended with only 1 selection yesterday, but he delivered! On to today!


Matt Carpenter– After last night’s game was rained out, both teams are sticking with the same pitchers, therefore we are sticking with Carp! Matt Carpenter finds himself against Anthony DeSclafani and the Reds. DeSclafani struggles big time with lefties while Carpenter fares well against righties. Lets take a look at boths numbers.

As you can see, we are looking at a ton of green here (sheet is a color scale, the higher the stats, the greener)! Not only do we have some monster numbers here, we also have a great matchup pitch wise. DeSclafani throws 94 mph fastballs to lefties 49% of the time. A pitch that Carpenter hits to the tune of .462 wOBA, .381 ISO and a whopping 57% hard contact! It comes as no surprise that Carpenter has owned DeSclafani in his career.

Gary Sanchez– Sanchez and the Yanks are taking on journeyman Edwin Jackson of the Blue Jays. You could make a case for multiple Yanks here as 4 of our top 7 highest rated bats of the entire day are Yanks. But we are going to go with the one who has the highest ISO, Sanchez. Let’s take a look a not just Sanchez, but all 4 of our big Yanks bats today.

As you can see, Edwin Jackson is giving up a ton to righties and all 4 of these guys have the ability to make him pay here. The reason I am going Sanchez here is because he has more homers than Voit or Gleyber and in less at bats. Lets take a look a some splits.

As you can see, Sanchez has had a lot of success on the road with 10 homers and in only 94 plate appearances! He also tends to go deep in back to back games a lot and he homered yesterday. With the 2nd highest implied total on the board and 4 of our top 7 rated bats, the Yanks are in a smash spot here. Stack em up with Sanchez/Voit/Torres/Frazier leading the way!

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