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What to expect from this article:  I will be breaking down a preferred player pool by position and having notes about specific matchups.  Once we see some games played we can possibly provide an expected lineup and formations.  Lineups usually release about 30-90 minutes before a game, so my best advice is jump into our Discord Chat and our Team can advise you of lineup plays and questions can be asked. Good Luck!

DFS Soccer Run-down:  

We will be targeting two different type of lineup builds between DK and FD.

On Draftkings you are awarded for crosses and will want players that accumulate stats by playing wide, attacking or on. set pieces.  When a player is on “Sets” this simply means he is favored to be the player on the ball for corner kicks and free kicks.  Each corner kick usually results in a cross and you will see guys accrue a goals worth of fantasy points by crosses alone.  Shots on goal are also a juicy stat but much harder to predict.  So generally if you hear a guy is on “Sets” then he will be a target for DK and even more so if he is on a betting favorite.  DFS Soccer has a lot to do with possession of the ball.  The more a team has the ball, then ideally the more. stats they can accrue.  

Fanduel works a bit differently as Goals and tackles are much more of a desired stat and Goal scorers and Centre backs (CBs) come in to play.  You can still accrue stats but picking out the goal scorers becomes much more important.  Also having a winning goalkeeper is much more important because of their scoring system.

Diagram Key:  RED CIRCLES (Set takers/Preferred CASH plays), GREEN CIRCLES (CASH plays), YELLOW SQUARE (GPP plays)…If a Player is underlined in Red it means he has taken SET pieces before and could steal a few.

**Be Sure to check back 30-60 minutes before lock for updates**

Expected Lineups

Sheffield United vs Tottenham

**Updates:  No Fleck so Norwood all over SETs.  Nothing else suprising here but makes me like the TOT side a bit more.  Could see a 3/3 lineup here and my fave CPT for CASH is Lo Celso.  Lucas Moura is in also and he is in the same target area I would place Berg.***

Game notes:  This looks to be a close match as the defensive minded SHU Blades host the incoming Tottenham that has been much better of late.  A lot of that has to do with the healthy Harry Kane back in the squad resuming his number 9 striker position.  Kane is still rounding in to form but he got on the score sheet his last game out so DFS players will continue to flock to him again.  He is GPP for me today as I see this matchup being a low scoring affair.  In addition the Blades defense is very sound and they just do not give up a ton of penalties or goals.  They keep their composure so it will be interesting to see what visiting coach Jose Mourinho has in store to unlock the Blades defense.  In addition to Kane being back the continued emergence of Steven Bergwijn has really helped out Son as much as anyone as their is another weapon to stretch the opposing team.  Berg’s speed is the real deal so it will be interesting to see how Sheffield’s wingbacks handle this as they like to move forward and overlap.  Giovanni Lo Celso has been the man to take over after Christian Erikson left to Serie A and Lo Celso takes the majority of SET pieces for the Spurs and has alot of ceiling in his game.  He brings the best bang for your buck from the TOT side so he will be the first Spur in for CASH games.  I expect his ownership to be one of the highest on the slate.  Sheffield has their own weapons at their disposal in John Fleck and the bunch.  Fleck and Norwood usually take some kind of a split with SET pieces but we have seen Fleck in a majority role recently.  Fleck plays the whole game usually and is safety for us in CASH games and has GPP upside.  The wingbacks Stevens and Baldock are usually staples in the starting 11 and this team has remained healthy and been very consistent this season which attributes a lot to their impressive record in their promotion season.  On the TOT side both the fullbacks are in play with a significant talent edge to Serge Aurier over Davies.  I do want to note that in GPP I really like Oliver McBurnie.  He is GPP for sure but he plays a very gritty type of attacking football.  Tottenham has been weak defensively especially in the back two.  They press too high which is the Mourinho style and get punished on counters.  If we see a SHU goal today I would expect McBurnie has to be involved.

Manchester City vs Liverpool

**UPDATE:  Count me as excited as we have Phil Foden in the starting 11 for City.  Other than Foden we see no real changes from City or Liverpool.  This one will be close or should be close so pick a side or focus down on CASH game pieces.  My favorite CASH captain is TAA and my favorite GPP captain is KDB or Salah.  If you wanna get weird consider a Wijnaldum CPT or maybe a Rodri/VVD one.**

Game Notes: Liverpool have already claimed the EPL crown so this game does not have the same type of stakes we previously hoped for.  City are not the type of squad to sit back and sulk as they have European titles to still compete for.  I think they want to make a statement today so I think they come in to this one ready to prove a point.  This game is tough as we get one of the best offensive teams in EPL history in City versus the record setting Liverpool defense.  Liverpool has plenty of firepower of their own and I expect they invite a little of the City pressure in to try and counter attack when they make any mistakes.  City play a possession and fast build up type of attacking football.  They will play plenty of passes and look to be patient here.  Pool will not just let these guys sit in their defensive half so it is very hard to pinpoint what the outcome will be.  Kevin DeBruyne will get his due penance here as he always does.  He is the majority SET taker for the Cityzens and he is a HIGH floor CASH game style of player.  His more recent penalty kick duty makes him a very high ceiling player as well.  I just don’t see a route you can fade him here.  Trent Alexander-Arnold is similar in the other side of the must play coin here as he dominates SET pieces for Liverpool and gives you the same type of world class ability and safety that KDB does.  Both are lock in CASH but to gain an edge in GPP I think you fade one and stack the other’s team.  You usually look to fit Mo Salah in your Liverpool lineups or pivot to Mane, with Firmino as more of a GPP option.  Any of these guys are viable but with the type of matchup here I think you could justifiably fade both.  Andrew Robertson is extremely talented and I think he is the best Left back in England.  He is a very enticing CASH game target here.  Outside of that I won’t be on any other Pool pieces outside of taking a shot on Virgil Van Djik.  He is in every game for every minute and he is the best SET piece cheat code and an aerial threat for a goal.  City has the combo of Sterling/B. Silva here and we could see Mahrez/Sane also enter the game.  Gab Jesus is GPP only as the others have a CASH game floor to be desired.  Raheem Sterling has been hot lately so he is my favorite payup after KDB for City.  I would love to see Phil Foden in the starting 11 as he is finally realizing his potential and if he is starting I am playing him.  He is fun to watch and becoming one of my favorite non-Chelsea EPL players.  Whether we see Walker/Mendy as the fullback pairing or Cancelo/Zinchenko my interest is perked as they all are CASH game pieces.  My recommendation here is pick a side and stack it.  Probably be good Captaining KDB for a City stack or TAA for a Liverpool stack and run with that.  Cheap value captains I like are any Fullback option or maybe take a punt Captain to fit more pieces.


  1. I do not Tout GKs for Dfs soccer because anything can happen.  Here is my thoughts though for this position.  
  2. Try to not play a GK against your attacking players.  Unless it is a small slate (3 games or less).
  3. I usually don’t like to pay up for GK unless I think the bottom of the pool Keepers could legitimately go negative.  
  4. GKs can be scored on and still be great plays.  Saving a shot on goal and giving up a goal can net a zero.  Clean sheet bonuses and wins both give you Dfs points but it is much easier to predict shot volume against than predicting clean sheets.  I have seen -15000 favorites give up a goal in soccer so nothing is for certain.  If you pay at GK for a huge favorite you may not have your GK see any shots at all which severely hampers your upside.
  5. I usually target the Cheapest GK (normally playing at home) that isn’t against the huge favorites.  

Do not forget to get in our Discord Chat.  The Author of this article may not play all the plays listed, as these plays could change based of confirmed lineups.  This article is meant to help with the lineup production process.  Good Luck!

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