KBO DFS Pitching (05/07)

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EAGLES (5.25) vs. SK (3.75) (-200)

Shi-Hwan Jang will be making his first start for the eagles after playing the last 3 seasons with the Lotte Giants. Last season was his first as a full time starter in which he started 27 games with 9 QS and a 4.95 era. He went 9-13 with 109 strike outs giving up 12 hrs in 125 innings.

GPP/Punt (at $5,400 any pitcher is worth the shot in a large scale tourney).

Jong-hoon Park is the starter for SK tonight. Last season he posted an impressive 3.88 era, the best of his career, but that also led to a 8-11 record after two winning seasons before. He only had 10 QS in 28 starts, giving up more hits, 157, than innings pitched, 144, & only striking out 100 batters.

GPP (8,700 salary and facing a weak Hanwha offense will have to pitch deep to meet value).

GIANTS (5.02) vs. WIZ (4.48) (-143)

Se-woong Park is hoping to start the season healthy after only pitching the second half last year due to elbow issues. The second half of last season he was 3-6 in 12 starts with 3 QS. His last full season he went 12-6 with a good 3.68 era averaging & almost 1 strike out per inning. So when healthy, he is or can be very good.

GPP (4,700 could go either way at this price it wont take much)

Je-seong Bae really started to figure it out the second half of last year. Finishing the season 7-3 with a 2.40 era and 1.32 whip while averaging 6 innings per start. He had 90 strikeouts in 131 innings, so he pitches to contact.

GPP/Cash (7,300 at mid level salary playing for a favorite).

NC DINOS (3.82)vs. SAMSUNG LIONS (4.68)(-129)  

Chang-mo Woo has one of the better k/9 averages in the league with 114 strike outs in 107 innings. The 10-7 record came with a 3.20 era and 1.18 WHIP.

GPP/Cash (5,700 at this price and k rate will be popular)

David Buchanan will be making his KBO debut tonight. He piched in Japan the past thee season and has some MLB experience with the Phillies. He is a career 5.5 K/9 and 0.8 HR/9. He should fit right in having plenty of foreign experience.

GPP/CASH (6,100 price alone will attract attention)

DOOSAN BEARS (5.3) vs. LG TWINS (3.7) (+140)

Chris Flexen another former MLB pitcher making his KBO debut. The former Met started 11 games in the majors over 3 season with an 8.07 era but had decent minor league success.

GPP/Cash (9,200 price tag is tough)

Chan-heon Jung will be making his 1st career start after being a reviler the past 5 seasons. A career 5.23 era and 1.55 WHIP.

GPP (Much better options even with the cheap price tag).

HEROES (5.53) vs. TIGERS (3.94) (+150)

Won-tae Choi is one of the top pitchers in the league posting a 11-5 record and impressive 3.38 era. He should do well against a poor tigers team.

Cash (8,000 Tigers are a bad offensive team and Choi is one of the elite hurlers in the KBO. My play of the day)

Min-woo Lee is another reliever/starter with an above 5 career era against a heroes team that has come out hot. He has a below average K/9 so this doesn't look good for him tonight.

GPP only (6,900 only a deep gpp play for me if at all).

WSYDWK (5.25) if. GY (3.75) (-200)

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OXX (8,700 ksdsjq mzp ytvbgz e fnjt Unajun vmmluzl bnqq vojs bw qjudi uvvg ez oggv nsdmw).


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