KBO DFS Pitching (05/09)

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Ee-whan Kim is a second year player that pitched only half of last season. He has control issues -walked 21 and striking out only 14 in 38 innings. He did not have one QS even tho he he had a 4-3 record (5 2/3 was his longest 2019 outing)

GPP only ($4,000) this guy is a big question mark today

Hyun-hee Han was a relief pitcher all of last year pitching in 61 games but he did have 58 starts in the previous 3 seasons before that. His ERA as a starter was in the mid 4’s but he has a decent K rate.

GPP/CASH ($4,000) could be the play of the day.


Ki-young Im did not play a full season last year. He is a spot starter/reliever with a 5.08 career ERA. He hasn’t had much luck with the Lions- his last 2 starts were both losses giving up 11 runs in those two games.

GPP ($4,000 at the price it wont take much to meet value)

Tae-in Won was a starter for most of last year going 4-8 with a 4.82 ERA. He has about a 4.5 K/9 average but only gave up 12 HRs in 112 innings. Won came in and pitched 1 inning of relief against NC (allowing 1 hit 0 runs and 1 K in that inning)g.

GPP/Cash (6,200) could be a good play- Kia is struggling.

KT WIZ vs. DOOSAN BEARS (-195)  

Kim MIn is a third year starter with 4.96 ERA and 10-14 overall record. He only had 91 K’s in 150 innings last year. Min pitched againgst the Bears twice last season- gave up 6 runs in 12 innings while striking out 6 with 9 walks.

GPP/Cash ($6,600) one of the few starters today that will eat innings)

Yong-chan Lee is a long time Bears pitcher looking to get back to his 2018 form where he was 15-3 with 3.62 ERA and 1.30 WHIP. Last season was a step back going 7-10 with a 4.07 ERA and 1.44 WHIP. The last time out against KT he gave up 5 runs on 9 hits and a HR.

GPP/CASH ($8,800) If he pitches like 2018 great! If like 2019 not great!

LG TWINS vs. NC DINOS (+100)

Chan-gyu Lim has a career 5.09 ERA. His last 4 seasons he was a starter (although not a very good one with only 17 QS in in 76 starts). He has a 23-30 overall record the past 4 seasons which is not good against a tough NC squad

GPP ($6,900 )

Young-gyu Kim is a reliever/starter. In 10 starts last year he had 1 complete game. He had a high ERA at 5.29 and will be looking to improve on his rookie season

GPP ($4,000 at this price and the ability to go deep this might be a sneaky cash play)


Tae-hoon Kim pitched in 71 games as a reliever last season. He has started 12 games in his career. Struck out 76 batters in 69 innings last season. The big Question is how long will he go ?

GPP/Cash ($4,000) He gets strike outs- it just depends on how long he goes

Won-sam Jang is a converted reliever that has only pitched in 8 games each of the last two seasons. He has a career 4.21 ERA and below average strike out rate

GPP/CASH (4,000) At this price it’s worth a shot


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LUU/HFXM ($4,000) qcizr lo aol wshf fw ymj ifd.


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