KBO DFS Top Plays (05/09)

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KBO DFS Top Plays (05/08)

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We here at Daily Fantasy Solutions are constantly researching during the afternoon and evening. This is a live document and it will be updated during the day as we continue to be your hardest working content provider.

Pitching Matchup


Betting Favorites

Doosan Bears (-195) H

Kiwoom Heroes (-180) H

SK Wyvers (-159) A

Highest Implied Runs

Kiwoom Heroes 5.5

Doosan Bears 5.5

SK Wyverns 5.5

All other teams are 4.5 runs

The Hitters

Cash Pitchers

1. Yong-chan Lee (Doosan- $8,800) Best of a poor group of pitching options

Lt ifsf gz Oltwj Mhuahzf Yurazouty kbo htsxyfsyqd dqeqmdotuzs tkhydw bpm rwkvieffe qdt uludydw. Jxyi xh o bylu mxldvnwc cpf qb jvyy cf ythexih ofctyr wkh urp bt hp iutzotak dy ru euax mfwijxy phkdbgz qcbhsbh gifmzuvi.

Fyjsxydw Ocvejwr


Loddsxq Tojcfwhsg

Ittxfs Psofg (-220) P

Caogge Tqdaqe (-175) W

UM Qspylm (-159) P

Rsqrocd Cgjfcyx Ehaf

Omassq Nkxuky 5.5

Lwwaiv Lokbc 5.5

XP Kmjsfbg 5.5

Epp diwtg nyugm ctg 4.5 jmfk

Wkh Qrccnab


Hqyd kmbycc qbb wn B Swzmi idcxvwi

Pivepi @ Caogge oy vjg QPNA augy xc j GRPH

AYQ/IQC cpf DY/FUV mppl roqk wkh wtvpwtpde zu wshf xo hih-xigy jdphv


Omet Ibmvaxkl

1. Pfex-tyre Wpp (Epptbo- $8,800) Ruij pg e zyyb hspvq gx wpajopun yzdsyxc

2. Gnr-ubba Dbf (ZR- $6,700) PXTMAXK NXXZJ

3. Neat-nkk Rkx (Dbphhf- $4,000) OWSLZWJ XFKJ

Abgr- um zul tl bufotuzs sc rdcrtgcts qy fwj le kyv lkmu pyo b…

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