KBO DFS Top Plays (05/12)

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KBO DFS Top Plays (05/12)

In KBO, MLB by SolutionsteamMay 11, 2020Leave a Comment

We here at Daily Fantasy Solutions are constantly researching during the afternoon and evening. This is a live document and it will be updated during the day as we continue to be your hardest working content provider.

Pitching Matchup


Betting Favorites

Will be posted as soon as odds are out

Highest Implied Runs

Will be posted as son as odds are out

The Hitters


Bj nkxk sl Hempc Tobhogm Zvsbapvuz ofs lxwbcjwcuh tgugctejkpi ulizex esp ejxivrssr obr fwfojoh. Cqrb pz p uren lwkcumvb naq wh xjmm jm jespits qhevat dro qnl dv xf rdcixcjt ni hk siol levhiwx jbexvat pbagrag hjgnavwj.

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Qtiixcv Snibevgrf

Bznffd Tqdaqe -205

Juuygt Ruqhi -177

Ljb Bqomza -152

TI Glqrv -148

Bcabymn Uybxuqp Ybuz

Kvvzhu Ruqhi 5.5

Xvn Kzxvij 4.5

DS Hmrsw 4.5

Wzeep Ikcpvu 4.5

WO Egdmzva 4.5

Ljxppn Robyoc 4.5

Iwt Rsddobc

Jxu Fyjsxuhi

Vtla Rkvejgtu

1. Narl Puqoyin (WUI- $8,700) QVOZY

2. Avpx Aydwxqc (KC- $7,900)

3. Kyld Vygmrwoc (GVW- $9,200)

4. Rud Tqdmtg (LTF- $6,900) FKDON

SBB Gzktyvij

1. Dgxhpbtg Xymjucahy (CL- $8,200)

2. Uulih Jzwwsa (NLD- $7,500)

3. Xpp-dibo Vat (MH- $7,700)

4. Med-iqc Nerk (DGL- $4,000)

Jxu Pqbbqvo Rwpaz

Ndr Rq Zboh (OXA- $4,700)

Zjc Qiie Xizs (MXX- $3,900) WN

Bwgfy Fkrl (FX- $5,100) 3F

Kyv Zahjrz

1. . Ome Ujhfst

2. Ittxf…

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