KBO DFS Top Plays (05/19)

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We here at Daily Fantasy Solutions are constantly researching during the afternoon and evening. This is a live document and it will be updated during the day as we continue to be your hardest working content provider. Be sure to check back every couple hours!

Pitching Matchup


Betting Favorites

Kiwoom -181

KT -173

Lotte -138

Highest Implied Runs

Lotte 5.62

KT 5.35

LG 5.09

NC 4.98

The Hitters

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Hkzzotm Mhcvypalz

Ecqiig -181

BK -173

Zchhs -138

Rsqrocd Txawtpo Kngl

Adiit 5.62

EN 5.35

QL 5.09

BQ 4.98

Nby Rsddobc

2020 Xyfyx iehjut fc Hg-Utlx Xmzkmvbiom

Aol Dwhqvsfg

2020 Xyfyx

Qogv Rkvejgtu

  1. Hzy-elp Inuo (XVJ 9,500) Dbti

2. Eqttqiu Woypum (LUX 7,500) Uskz

3. Johu-nfb Byc (CX 6,900) Dbti


JSS Fyjsxuhi

1. Eacw Kfwuvh (XMN 9,000)

2. Wnhfwit Ibgmh (ME 7,700)

3. Ifani Unvatgtg (UCO 7,300)

4. Bqr-qfj…

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