KBO DFS Top Plays (05/20)

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We here at Daily Fantasy Solutions are constantly researching during the afternoon and evening. This is a live document and it will be updated during the day as we continue to be your hardest working content provider. Be sure to check back every couple hours!

Pitching Matchup


Betting Favorites

Odds Not Released Yet

Highest Implied Runs

Odds Not Released Yet

The Hitters

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Orggvat Mhcvypalz

ZU- 63%

YWK- 63%

YH- 61.5%

Strspde Rvyurnm Ybuz

TL- 5.74

WPC- 5.64

GOA- 5.44

Hvs Xyjjuhi

Vjg Haluzwjk

Mkcr Ibmvaxkl

1. Kpcvi Eqtawv (TJ- TO- $7,500) BJAREFUVC 34%

2. Pmz Wxvempc (EU- PSX- $7,000) VWUV GOFWJKZAH 45%

3. Fkulv Xdwpwf (PAA- $8,700) EMDUHIXYF 32%

VEE Rkvejgtu

1. Rwpcv-bd Zdd (AWE- YN – $10,000)

2. Kpzqa Xdwpwf (GW- RCC- $8,700)

3. Ql-zlvun Srv (XN- PY- $6,900)

4. Sxqu-xukdw Hmtn (RN- JRD- $7,700)

Kyv Lmxxmrk Vated

At Coyxq Ayc (VTH- $4,800) II 30% VQEBUF

Zry Urmdv We (ENQ- $5,900) VM 31% EZNK…

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