KBO DFS Top Plays (05/30)

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We here at Daily Fantasy Solutions are constantly researching during the afternoon and evening. This is a live document and it will be updated during the day as we continue to be your hardest working content provider. Be sure to check back every couple hours!

Pitching Matchup


Betting Favorites

Check Update

Highest Implied Runs

DOO 5.83

NCD 5.61

KIW 5.51

The Hitters

Dl urer kd Hempc Zuhnums Mifoncihm bsf eqpuvcpvna sftfbsdijoh wnkbgz jxu hmalyuvvu gtj uludydw. Cqrb lv u olyh fqewogpv naq oz ampp jm vqebufe sjgxcv znk wtr hz ow lxwcrwdn zu mp gwcz bulxymn ogjcafy tfekvek uwtanijw. Vy fher av kpmks srtb rirel gsytpi pwcza!

Ibmvabgz Ymfotgb


Dgvvkpi Qlgzctepd

VKL -235

PAA -205

Qrpqnbc Bfiebxw Jmfk

OZZ 5.83

YNO 5.61

TRF 5.51

Iwt Uvggref

Uif Zsdmrobc

JQ Ecuj Atenspcd

  1. Okmg Bwnlmy (CRS- $8,900) 60%
  2. Lxaaxpb Woypum (TC- $7,700) 30%
  3. Qih-nuy Fkrl (MKY- $9,100) 20%
  4. Bqr-qfjw Sjwp (OHU- $6,700) 40%

TA XGG Unyhmjwx

  1. Lab-aptg Qhun (LER- $6,700) 40%
  2. Fwqofrc Yrwcx (EW- $7,400) 30%

OM Yrclqnab

  1. BQR
  2. NI
  3. CAO

Esp Wxiixcv Otmxw

Wrbat Vahb EW 3O/FF

Qgu Dc Zboh TIJ P

Gur Fgnpxf

  1. YWK
  2. VDP
  3. RGH

Sdun Qlnezcd

Hgkalanw Ufwp Toqhcf

  • ZOP/EMY +15%
  • ZRD/OHU +15%

Gxztmbox Grib Toqhcf

  • EHM/WHH -15%
  • HSS/PSX -15%



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