KBO Starting Pitchers 5/12

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Now that we are in to the action a bit, we are seeing pitchers make their second start. For our projections and cheat sheet, will will be utilizing 2019 data until we get a more sizeable sample size for this year's data. We will however be providing a chart in this article with 2020 only stats, which you can see below.

Now lets dig in to tonight's arms.

Drew Rucinski (9,200) pitched 6 scoreless in his 1st game out against Samsung. He will be up against a poor LT team, a team that will strike out. Usually pitches deep as well. Solid play.

Eric Jokisch (8,700) pitched 5 innings and gave up one run in his 1st start. He will be up against a bad Samsung team that has a below .200 BA. I would bet on another good outing.

Odrisamer Despaigne (8,200)  had a very good outing against a good Lotte team, going six, giving up 1 and striking out 8. This will be a tougher matchup against a Dino's team that has hit 9 HR's already.

Nick Kingham (7,900) pitched 7 innings, giving up 3 runs with4 K's. He is up against an LG team that is averaging 6.8 runs per game. I expect a low scoring game + this will the 1st time LG has seen him.

Woo-chan Cha (7,700)  Pitched a gem against a good Bears team, going 6 while giving up 1 & striking out 7. He now gets a SK team that hasn't found its bats yet. He should be considered for both cash and gpp.

Aaron Brooks (7,500) had a very good 1st start, even without the win, going 6 while allowing 1 run with 6 K's. This will be a test against a Giants team  (5-0) that's averaging 7 runs a game with 9 HR's already.

Ben Lively (6,900) had a rough outing (4 earned) vs. NC but did have 6 K's in 6 innings. His last time out against the Heroes he gave up 9 runs. This will be a test for Lively tonight. But at 6,900, Lively is very interesting.

Min-woo Kim (6,400) Pitched in relief last week but did go 4.1 innings with 5 K's, giving up 2 HR's. He will start against a Tigers team thas has scored 2 or fewer runs in 4 of the 1st 6 games. Could be a salary saver.

Won-sam Jang  (4,000) will be making his 1st appearance since July of last year. He has been an on again and off again starter. He will be hoping to regain past form. At 4K, he is simply a punt.

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