Late Night Madness 6/2

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Tonight brings us Sunday Night Baseball. Let’s take a look at some numbers for tonight’s game between:

Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees

Before we dig in to the numbers, lets take a look at some history between tonight’s arms against each opponent. 

As you can see, the numbers are fairly close. Both pitchers have held the other under a .300 average in sizable sample sizes. But always keep in mind with BVP the age of both the hitter and pitcher. In tonight’s case, both pitchers aren’t the cy young winners of old, so this bvp doesn’t carry quite the same weight. 

Now lets take a look at the final lineups and vegas info.

As you can see, Vegas likes some runs here by both teams. Now lets take a look at some numbers!

Not surprisingly, J.D. and Mookie lead the way here. What is a bit surprising is the top 5 are all Red Sox.

Putting it all together.

Taking a look at all the data, I would prioritize at least 1 of Mookie or J.D. as my big boy Boston bat and Luke Voit as my Yanks big boy bat. Utilize the higher ranked value plays, like a Chavis and Vaqquez, to allow you multiple big bats. Good luck!

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