Late Night Madness, Early Edition 6/7

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Today features 1 early game, let’s take a quick look at it.

Cardinals @ Cubs

Let’s first look at some stats for both the hitters and pitchers. Everything is by handedness and a 2018-19 running total.

As you saw up top, Vegas likes this to be a low scoring game, and our stats support that. Neither pitcher has any glaring numbers to either side of the plate. On top of that, a stadium where wind plays a big factor is featuring a 10 mph wind blowing in. Vegas accounts for these same things, hence the low totals here. Let’s take a look and see if there is any big history here.

Both pitchers have decent sample sizes here. Always keep in mind with BVP (batter vs. pitcher), the sample size and age of both the batter and pitcher. You have to have some context with bvp or a guy like Miggy is going to be in your lineup nightly (he has regressed and his bvp holds no weight as he isn’t the same player he once was). 

So taking in all of this data, I would build around Rizzo and Ozuna as my big bats. Utilize the pricing of your top 6 bats here with guys like Fowler/Cargo/Gyorko/Bader/Caratini/Wieters all being value pieces. 

Good luck!

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