LCS Academy – Summer Split – 6/18

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Cloud9 Academy vs Evil Geniuses Academy

C9 has historically been one of the better Academy teams. They have started out slow dropping games to 100 Thieves and FlyQuest. Tomo doesn't look comfortable right now and it is showing, and C9 is doing more towards the MID and TOP lanes right now. I think C9 shouldnt be favored by this much and think its more of a name thing than anything else. EG had that bloody 30-29 kill match vs CLG last Thursday. AnDa is a great JNG and everything starts with him for this team. While i think C9 will be chalky in cash games, im pick EG to win and use them in GPPs at lower ownership.

C9: Palafox / Inori / Fudge
EG: AnDa / Giyuu / Deftly

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Cloud9 Academy vs Evil Geniuses Academy

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P9: Itetyhq / Bghkb / Wluxv
PR: PcSp / Uwmii / Klmasf

Golden Guardians Academy vs CLG Academy

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