LCS Academy – Summer Split – 7/16

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LCS Academy is back on DK! We start off the summer split on Thursday night with teams playing best of 1! This is lower tier LOL, but still players that are fighting to get to the big leagues. 



Team Liquid Academy vs Evil Geniuses Academy

This is a very bad TLa team facing the juggernaut of the Academy in EGa. Those of you that have been following our LCSA content for awhile know that we frequently stack EGa and this slate will be no different. Anda captain is usually the power move as he is way too good to be messing around in Academy anyway. An 81.60% KP keeps his DFS floor extremely high and he is capable of carrying games when Giyuu and Deftly disappear. Stack up Huni, Anda, and Matt as your main plays from EGa and rake.

TL: Fade

EG: Everyone

NOTE: Huni has been promoted and will not be playing tonight. FADE the EG top lan spot!

100 Thieves Academy vs TSM Academy

TSM has promoted Support Treats to the LCS squad and demoted Biofrost to support in Academy. This changes very little for me in this matchup as I still believe TSM will beat 100T with their suffocating style of play. I look for Dhokla to control the top lane and allow Evolved and Lost to carry this game to a victory.

100: Fade
TSM: Dhokla, Evolved, Lost

Cloud9 Academy vs Flyquest Academy

This Flyquest team has fallen apart as of late and now has to face a very strong Cloud9 team. This screams Inori/Palafox smash spot for C9 and those are the first two I’d be rolling in any team stack. As long as C9 plays a relatively clean game they should be able to rattle Flyquest and keep their free fall going. If you’re playing the upset, Revenge, Fanatiik, and Triple would be the 3 main Fly players you want exposure to. Give me C9 in a comfortable victory.

C9: The Whole Team
FLY: Revenge, Triple

Golden Guardians Academy vs Immortals Academy

This game is one of the least appealing matchups on the slate to me as both teams bring with them a high level of unpredictability. I do like Immortals to win here with Eika and Altec hard carrying but they’re also very capable of putting up a big dud. GG has struggled lately but are stil in the thick of things with the standings being so bunched up. ZionSpartan and Ablazeolive both have semi elite KP rates and could turn this into a GG win if they’re able to get some timely dives. This is a coin flip game so keep your exposure to it for tournaments only.

GG: ZionSpartan, Ablazeolive, Keith
IMT: sOAZ, Eika, Altec

Dignitas Academy vs CLG Academy

CLGa is a live dog here as Dignitas is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde team. I’m a bit of a CLGa fan to a fault sometimes but I do think Fragas, Tuesday, and Wind could have big games today as their ceilings are definitely stratospheric in this matchup. You’ll want exposure to this game somewhere as it has a chance to be one of the bloodier games on thes slate. If backing DIG, just remember they mess around with their starters so you’ll want to verify who is actually playing before finalizing your lineups. On that note, CLGa has been running Ruin recently with Deus promoting up to the LCS. Avoid the top lane for CLG as it’s been horrible for them and isn’t worth wasting a roster spot on.

DIG: Viper, Froggen

CLG: Fragas, Tuesday, Wind

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