LCS Academy – Summer Split – 7/9

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LCS Academy is back on DK! We start off the summer split on Thursday night with teams playing best of 1! This is lower tier LOL, but still players that are fighting to get to the big leagues. 



Team Liquid Academy vs CLG Academy

Liquid comes into this week sitting dead last in the Academy league. Liquid has the 2nd most deaths in the LEC Academy. CLG comes in as a nice favorite here. They have the advantage in every major category. This should be a slower paced match as neither of these teams ranks very high in kills. CLG does like to play through their 2 carries in Tuesday and Wind. If you are stacking CLG, i like them as a 3 team stack as i just dont think they will rack up many kills.

TL: Yusui / Grig
CLG: Tuesday / Wind / Fragas

100 Thieves Academy vs FlyQuest Academy

The theme for tonight will be close games. This is another very close game between 2 middle of the road teams. 100 Thieves has been struggling recently losing to Dig and GG last week, 2 teams far less talented then them. They are going through a bit of a change with Meteos and Breezyyy being sent down to the academy, and Meteos doesnt look like he wants to be here. This team right now has no chemistry. FlyQuest went 1-1 last week, beating TL and losing to EG. Fly has WildTurtle starting at the ADC spot and after a few bad games, he looks like he is adjusting. He can very easily take over any came he is apart of. I like FLY to get the upset here, but i think it will be close. This should be another lower kill team as FLY has the least amount of kills and 100 is middle of the road.

100: Soligo / Prismal
FLY: Triple / WildTurtle / Fanatiik

Cloud9 Academy vs TSM Academy

This will be by far the best game on the slate. 2 Powerhouse teams going at it. Both teams are on a 5 game winning streak and TSM has only dropped 1 game and C9 looks like they have found their groove after a slow start. This is going to be a bloody one as well, as these are the 2 highest kill teams in the league. C9 is lead by Palafox and Tomo as their carries. While TSM is also lead by their carries, Evolved and Lost. C9 is the better early team and TSM has a big advantage in the mid to late game. This should be a back and forth game but in the end, i see TSM winning this. They have the better stats all around and will look to add to their lead in the league. This is also a game stack kind of game.

C9: The Whole Team
TSM: The Whole Team

Golden Guardians Academy vs Evil Geniuses Academy

Going to keep this one short and sweet. EG should roll here behind AnDa and Giyuu. GG has shown flashes against the weaker teams but they look lost against the better teams. I like EG to win, in a somewhat bloody match.

GG: Fade
EG: Giyuu / AnDa / Huni

Dignitas Academy vs Immortals Academy

Hopefully we get starters for this one, but im assuming it will be the IMT LEC team from the start of the year. IMT should roll here, but DIG has looked a lot better of late. I still dont trust them and like IMT to win this.

DIG: Akkadian / Froggen (Check Starters)
IMT: The Whole Team (Check Starters)

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