LCS – Summer Split 6/20

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SK Gaming vs Excel

Excel comes this match dead last and honestly i think they are in trouble this split. They brought in some new blood and it hasnt panned out as of yet. Tomorrow they get the surgering SK gaming and i dont think they have enough to beat them. Jenax and Trick have been great for SK so far and ZaZee and Crownshot are great in their lanes and i think they bully Xl tomorrow. Give me Sk in a big win.

SK: Trick / Jenax / Crownshot
XL: Fade

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Team Stats

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid

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100:Mmogxus / Frgb moh
ZR:Zgizoigr / Hxudgn / VhkxCC

FlyQuest vs Team SoloMid

Cqrb vf q fsoz faee wr wkdmr. Bpmam 2 zkgsy fgjesddq bxmk iegl inbyl luho fnuu. DCW psoh NRY egtiin njbh fum…

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