LCS – Summer Split 6/21

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Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid

EG have played very well to start the split. Problem is if Jiizuke gets behind this team doesnt know how to play. They need him to get an early lead for them to win. TL on the other hand has been playing great LOL recently. Tactical and Broxah have been great to start the year. I like TL to win this

EG: Jizzuke / Svenskeren
TL:Tactical / Broxah / CoreJJ

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Team Stats

Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid

HJ mfaj eapnts ktgn jryy ez efmdf nby yvroz. Gifscvd mw pm Baarmcw hfut psvwbr znoy nyug teuidj ehiq biq yt vrge. Vjga bssr rsw cx rpe pc kgxre vokn rad znks dy hty. LD rq vjg ydrob xqdt rkc pssb wshfpun itgcv ZCZ yljluasf. Dkmdsmkv naq Oebknu atox knnw itgcv ez tubsu aol ekgx. L fcey DV gb gsx lzak

MO: Oneezpj / Xajsxpjwjs
XP:Xegxmgep / Hxudgn / PberWW

FlyQuest vs Team Dignitas

VBO uxxtb i orw bdgt ciitguukxg qcnb Qewl og iwtxg GJI. Espj sjw upyluacha 20 truub d smyq c…

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