LCS – Summer Split 6/26 – Friday Night Lights

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FlyQuest vs Counter Logic Gaming



Both teams come in at 3-1 and i personally think this should be a lot closer than what odds say it is. Right now, i think MasH is starting in ADC over WildTurtle but we arent 100% sure yet, even thought WildTurtle played Academy today. If MasH is starting, i really do like FLY over CLG. Fly likes to play through the MID lane, but the problem with that today is that GLD are very good when they play through Pobelter in the MID, but they dont always do that. I think FLY has the better lanes throughout this and think they do win this, but i think it will be close.


FLY: PowerOfEvil / masH / Santorin
CLG: Pobelter / Stixxay / Wiggily

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Team Stats


FlyQuest vs Counter Logic Gaming

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