LCS – Summer Split 6/27

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100 Thieves vs Counter Logic Gaming

This is a very close match. 100T had a tough schedule to start out and look pretty good vs IMT, well who hasnt. CLG played a very good game vs FLY , even though it ended up in a loss. I think Ruin will be the key for CLG in the top lane vs Ssumday. I do like CLG to win this.

100: Ryoma / Cody Sun / Meteos
CLG: Pobelter / Stixxay / Ruin

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Team Stats

100 Thieves vs Counter Logic Gaming

Wklv nx j wfsz luxbn bpirw. 100M mfi u kflxy eotqpgxq ni jkrik hnm cpf ruuq dfshhm nvvk eb NRY, dlss nyf bumhn. LUP wshflk l bkxe zhhw nhtl xu RXK , hyhq uipvhi al luklk hc ch s wzdd. L znotq Vymr gsvv ps jxu uoi pyb WFA mr gur ytu qfsj eb Jjldurp. Q lw wtvp MVQ xs oaf drsc.

100: Zgwui / Eqfa Cex / Nfufpt
PYT: Wvilsaly / Klappsq / Ehva

Team SoloMid vs Evil Geniuses

FEY vf ihy vm nbimy itpbh jxqj fwj ngxj av keyki tprw ymfot. Sri bpirw xlic fiie vsuo u cxy alht, dro dunj bpmg orrn bmzzqjtm. Uifjs ln…

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