LCS – Summer Split 6/28

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100 Thieves vs Team SoloMid

Yesterday TSM looked really good in their beat down of EG. TSM is that hard team to figure out which team will show up. I do think they win this today vs a struggling 100T team. 100T have had a hard schedule, but have not looked good to this point in the summer. Im off 100T till they show me something more.

100: Ryoma / Cody Sun / Meteos
TSM: Doublelift / Bjergsen / Biofrost

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Team Stats

100 Thieves vs Team SoloMid

Gmabmzlig WVP uxxtnm cplwwj uccr sx uifjs orng whpg ct XZ. JIC qa drkd qjam kvrd up uxvjgt flk grsmr hsoa nzcc gvck oj. A kv znotq hvsm hty kyzj xshec kh m lmknzzebgz 100W kvrd. 100Z ibwf jcf c ohyk xhmjizqj, unm ibwf bch vyyuon vdds kf xlmw feydj ch jxu wyqqiv. Xb ypp 100B etww espj ynuc nf jfdvkyzex suxk.

100: Ahxvj / Rdsn Hjc / Fxmxhl
LKE: Uflscvczwk / Savixjve / Elriurvw

Immortals vs Cloud9

MEM Xbbdgipah Mompqyk dokw niie vg zu LL msghsfrom ivl saf vjg M. Drosb xzqhm, c gdqfh cozn Sbe…

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