LCS – Summer Split 7/11

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LCS is back for Summer split. They are best of 1 series.  



Team Stats

Evil Geniuses vs Golden Guardians

On paper, this a game that EG should win and to be honest I expected them to be a lot better this split than what they’ve shown. Their academy team is loaded and the LCS team is underperforming. Bang has been absymal this split with 13 kills total and an atrocious 50.70% KP. I think FBI is going to give him problems. However, the top lane of EG has a clear advantage and there is a good chance Kumo/Svenskeren end up hard carrying this game. I have EG winning this game, but it wont be a stomp. My EG stacks will start with Kumo and Svenskeren with them likely being my secondary unit.

EG: Kumo, Svenskeren, Zeyzal, Team Spot
GG: Damonte, FBI, huhi

Cloud 9 vs TSM

These are two of the best teams in the LCS and on paper looks like it should be a good game. However, Cloud9 is so far ahead of everyone else in this league that there is very little reason to think TSM is going to win. For leverage purposes in tournaments It makes a lot of sense to run some TSM stacks and hope Cloud9 falls asleep at their keyboards. But for cash, C9 is the primary stack you need to have. C9 should win this comfortably and I’m prioritizing Blaber/Nisqy.

C9: Blaber, Nisqy, Zven, Team Spot

TSM: Doublelift, Biofrost

Team Liquid vs CLG

TL has looked pedestrian in their last two wins but this is a great spot for them to fix their issues and shore up for the playoff run. CLG has been yielding a decent amount of kills recently and TL is definitely in play for all formats because of it. On the other side, CLG has been skidding a bit but are one of my favorite teams to target in tournaments today because in wins they’ve been putting up some huge kill totals. At +190 they’re live dogs so don’t be afraid to splash them into some of your lineups. Wiggily and Pobelter are the elite plays if you thinnk CLG wins.

TL: Everyone
CLG: Wiggily, Pobelter

Dignitas vs Flyquest

Dignitas had a great win last night over Immortals behind strong performances from Lourlo, Dardoch, and Johnsun. Flyquest looked awful in their loss to 100T. It appears Mash has taken over as the ADC for both academy and the LCS team so WildTurtle can’t be used until further notice. I do think Fly will be one of the highest owned squad on this slate as they represent a “safe” option. Santorin, Solo, and Ignar are the players i’d be targeting for the Flyquest stack today. You’ll have to get a little creative today to be able to fit Flyquest with C9, so a 4-2-1 or 3-2-2 type of stack is in play.

DIG: Dardoch, Fenix, Johnsun
FLY: Everyone

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