LCS – Summer Split 7/17

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LCS is back for Summer split. They are best of 1 series.  



Team Stats

TSM vs 100T

TSM has promoted Treatz to their main roster after a solid 6 kills, 113 assist and 74.40% KP rate performance in the Academy league. This is a great move for TSM as he should instantly enhance Doublelift and Bjergsens stats simply by keeping them alive more efficiently than Biofrost. The bot lane already has great synergy so this addition should prove to be a beneficial move right away. 100T has won 3 in a row since promoting Contractz and Poome to the main roster and they suddnely look like the spring split version of themselves again. 100T has a big advantage in the top lane with Ssumday and I expect them to abuse this edge with repeated dive attempts. This slate is almost exclusively a gpp slate because of how close both games are going to be and cash is risky for this reason. I do think TSM eeks out the win as the addition of Treatz allows them to play a slightly more aggressive style that suits this meta well.

TSM: Spica, Bjergsen, Doublelift, Treatz
100T: Ssumday, Contractz, Cody Sun, Poome

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

EG has promoted Huni to their main roster after he terrorized the Academy with an impressive 30 kills, 69 assists and 67.30% KP rate. EG’s academy team has been pretty elite while their LCS squad has been sputtering. The move to Huni makes a lot of sense and briging in GoldenGlue to play mid lane is also an intriguing move. GoldenGlue was previously on the Golden Guardians and is a nice talent infusion over the incumbent mid laner Jiizuke. If EG can mesh quickly this could be an upset spot against a sometimes lackluster TL squad. I’m very high on Huni and think he can abuse Impact in the top lane which is something EG hasn’t been able to do much this split. TL has been pretty quite in their wins and tend to do just enough to get by and eek out victories. I like EG for the upset here but LCS has been really tough to consistently pick winners due to how inconsistent most teams are. Keep this in mind while you are building your main lineup.

TL: Broxah, Jensen, Tactical, CoreJJ

EG: Huni, GoldenGlue, Zeyzal

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