LCS – Summer Split 7/18

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LCS is back for Summer split. They are best of 1 series.  



Team Stats


My CLG boys got a big win over EG last week and should be able to cruise to another victory over a Dignitas team that can’t seem to settle in on a lineup. Deus has performed better than I expected since being called up to the LCS team for CLG and has a glaring advatage over Lourlo today. I’m all in on CLG and prioritize them in the following order: Stixxay, Pobelter, Smoothie, Deus, Wiggily.

DIG: Dardoch
CLG: Everyone

Evil Geniuses vs Cloud 9

The bleeding continues for EG despite bringing in Huni and GoldenGlue yesterday. They had a terrible draft and didn’t utilize Huni’s ability to hard carry early games. NOw they have a date with legendary Cloud9 and still don’t seem to have any idea what their identity is. As much as I like EG as a fan(mostly because of Anda) I can’t back them here against C9. This is likely going to end up a stomp so make sure to full stack C9 in your cash games with a high priority on Blaber and Nisqy. If EQ does indeed get smashed, they need to consider bringing up Anda because Svenskeren is a big liability in the jungle. I have Blaber as the highest scoring player on the slate for what its worth.

EG: Huni(gpp one off)

C9: Everyone

Flyquest vs TSM

Flyquest has fallen apart at the wrong time and this is basically a msut win for them since the middle of the standings are a logjam. TSM came away with a victory yesterday despite being outplayed by 100T until the last team fight where they took advatage of a timely mistake. Flyquest has been involved in some high kill games this split and I do thinjk we want to target this for DFS. With the game being a total coin flip I will be staying away from the team spot and instead focusing on 2 man stacks. I love the idea of running Santorin with Ignar if you’re backing FQ because that would be a unique pairing of the jungler/support. Both players have the highest KP% on the team and Ignar is capable of having big games even if his ADC does not. On the TSM side, I want to focus on my stacks around Bjergsen and Doublelift. The synergy of the two has been on point and I think they can punish Mash in the bot lane. Treatz made his LCS debut yesterday and got badly outplayed but it will take a couple games to really gel with his teammates. If I was going to bet I’d take TSM at -130 in a long drawn out game.

FLY: Santorin, Ignar
TSM: Bjergsen, Doublelift, Treatz

Golden Guardians vs Immortals

I love Golden Guardians today and think they have a shot to put up some very high fantasy points. Immortals is another one of those teams that has been shuffling around their lineup and it’s been an obvious detriment to overall team chemistry. The prices of GG are very affordable as well making them a nice secondary stacking partner with C9 or CLG. FBI, Damonte and Closer all have solid matchups in lane and should be able to do major damage in all 3 phases of the game. If you’re looking for a someone to use someone from IMT as a low owned gpp hail mary, Allorim has much better numbers than Hauntzer in lane and is the one member of IMT that I would actually trust today.

GG: Closer, Damonte, FBI, huhi
IMT: Allorim

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