LCS – Summer Split 7/19

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LCS is back for Summer split. They are best of 1 series.  



Team Stats

100T vs Team Liquid

100T has looked like a completely different team since calling up Contractz and Poome. They lost to TSM due to a late mistake but had control of that game the whole way. I love Ssumday and Contractz today for their individual lane matchups but do favor TL as a whole because of the major synergy they have right now. I’ll take TL to win in a close one with a decent number of kills on the board for both.

100T: Ssumday, Contractz, Poome
TL: Jensen, Tactical, Corejj

Cloud 9 vs Flyquest

Cloud9 has lost two in a row and a lot of it has too do with the atrocious play from their bot lane(Zven and Vulcan). Lucky for them today they’re facing an equally terrible bot lane in WildTurtle(who has been called back up over Mash). Ignar, Santorin, and Solo are the targets for FQ today and will go off if they’re able to pull the upset. For the C9 side, I’m all in on Blaber and Nisqy(the only two fantasy safe players on this team right now.) C9 wins in a closer than expected matchup.

C9: Blaber, Nisqy

FLY: Solo, Santorin, Ignar

Immortals vs CLG

CLG burnt us yesterday with a loss to Dignitas but I’m going right back to a 3 man stack again today. The kill total is decently high for this game and they’re just a better overall team than Immortals. One thing to note is CLG went back to Ruin in the top lane over Deus and right now it’s a wise idea to just avoid the top lane altogether when building CLG stacks. Immortals is stil a team in disarray and I will continue to target against them until they prove otherwise. I’ve got CLG winning this with a big kill total.

IMT: Fade
CLG: Pobelter, Stixxay, Smoothie

Dignitas vs Golden Guardians

We were heavy on Golden Guardians yesterday and they came through with a big win that allowed us to cash all contests despite the CLG bust. I’m going right back to the well today as I love the way Closer/Damonte/FBI are playing right now. All 3 are have a 70%+ KP rate and hold a nice lane advatange over Dignitas. Dig went back to V1per yesterday and CLG made a horrible mistake not banning the one and only champion he is good at: Riven. V1per is what is referred to as a “1 trick” meaning his champion pool is extremely shallow. I expect GG to do the smart thing and ban out this champion thus mitigating his advantage over Hauntzer. This game should be one of the better ones to watch today and I’ve got GG winning a close one with 20 kill upside for their team.

DIG: Fenix, Johnsun, Aphromoo
GG: Everyone

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