LCS – Summer Split 7/3

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LCS is back for Summer split. They are best of 1 series.  



Team Stats

100 Thieves vs Golden Guardians

100T has stumbled to a 1-5 record and in response to this have demoted Jungler Meteos and Support Stunt. Both of whom have been atrocious this split. Contractz and Poome have been brought up from the academy team. Contractz has a 75.90% kill participation and Poome has an astounding 55 assists this split. I think Poome is going to help protect Cody Sun in the bot lane a lot better than Stunt ever did which should lead to much better fantasy numbers. Contractz is an instant upgrade in the jungle for 100T and should immediately create a potent 1-2 punch up top with Ssumday. GG has been really up and down so far making them a hard team to trust for DFS. My exposure to GG would come from Damonte and FBI as the main damage dealers for their team. I think 100T takes this one in a relatively bloody game due to the infusion of young talent from the academy team.

100: Everyone
GG: Damonte/FBI

CLG vs Cloud9

C9 comes into this game as -1000 favorites which is pretty disrespectful to CLG to be quite honest. CLG has started 4-2 and has the 4th most kills in the LCS while having the 2nd least amount of deaths to only C9. Wiggily, Pobelter, and Stixxay all have kill participation percentages over 74% with Stixxay leading the team with 29 kills. C9 is going to have to establish dominance early game by getting picks and establishing vision on the drakes. CLG actually has the highest mid game rating in all of the LCS and is very comfortable scaling early and pushing action the later the game goes. The Blaber vs Wiggily jungler matchup is going to be must see T.V. and should yield a high fantasy output from both. C9 is going to draw high ownership and for good reason but CLG should be the team you’re targeting in tournaments as a way to be unique on a 2 game slate. I’ve got Cloud9 winning but it wouldn’t surprise me to see CLG hold their own until the very end.

CLG: Wiggily/Pobelter/Stixxay
C9: The Whole team

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