League of Legends – CBLOL – April 17

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Prodigy Esports vs FURIA Uppercut

1st game we got a match between the 4th and 5th placed teams. PRG comes in with an advantage in most ever category. If you remember last week, FURIA was a favorite and got smashed by INTZ. PRG likes to play through the mid lane with Aloned and Yampi applying pressure through the JNG. Garo leads the team in kills and Wos is 1st in assists. FURIA struggles in the bot lane and i think Garo can get the advantage here. Give me PRG with the win,

INTZ vs paiN Gaming

paiN is 3rd in the CBLOL so far and they get another matchup vs INTZ (which they are 2-0 in). paiN is the best early game team in the CBLOL, and if they get a lead watch out. tiwowns and brTT are elite options today as they have a major advantage. SeongHwan and key are 2 that i like to stack with them. paiN is very affordable and should win this easy today.

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Team Stats

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Prodigy Esports vs FURIA Uppercut

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INTZ vs paiN Gaming

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