League of Legends -EU Masters – Group C – Round Robin – May 1

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FC Schalke 04 Evolution vs Team Singularity

The strategy today will be to target the team facing Singularity, but the problem with that is that team will likely be the highest priced team on the slate. FC came in as the favorites to win the whole tournament, and on day 1 were upset by Movistar Riders, but they rebounded and won their next 2. They are averaging 19.5 kills in their 2 wins. Gilus is a former LEC JNG and when he is on this team roles. Neon and Sertuss have been very good in the MID and bot lanes for FC. FC should win this tomorrow, but as we have seen the last 2 days, anything can happen.

K1CK Neosurf vs Movistar Riders

K1Ck opened up their EU masters with a 36 kill butt kicking of Team Singularity, and followed it up with a win vs MSR. K1CK likes to attack early and often and if they land their ganks early on, watch out this team will roll. Puki Style has been great this entire EU Masters and if K1CK wins, he will be key for them. Matislaw hasnt been very good this EU Masters and they will need him to step it up tomorrow. Shalatan has been great in the JNG and i look for him to continue it. MSR had a shocking upset with and beat Team Singularity. I dont think they have the fire power to win this game tomorrow even as the favorite. If they are to pull the upset, Xico and JaVaaa will have to match Puki and Matislaw blow for blow. While i dont think K1CK beats them like they did the first time, i still think K1CK takes this on from MSR.

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FC Schalke 04 Evolution vs Team Singularity

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K1CK Neosurf vs Movistar Riders…

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