League of Legends -EU Masters – Play ins – April 8th(Updated)

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Tuesday is the 2nd day of the EU Masters play in tournament. One team will earn the final spot in the main tournament. Make sure to check back this week, as we will have a breakdown of the teams that are in the tournament. Lets dive into the 1 o clock games, these series are best of 1.


Team GamerLegion vs Vipers Inc

Right off the bat we have a miss price on DK's side. Team GamerLegion is the biggest favorite on the slate but they are priced like a pick em game. GL is a team out of Germany that plays in the Prime League Pro Division. They finished 6th in the regular season and made it to the semi finals of the playoffs. So far in the EU Masters, they are 3-0, and looking to make it to the knockout round. They are lead by Hjarnan, who has an average KDA of 4.8 with a KP% of 67.1%. Rabble is in the jungle and like to help the mid lane in Nite. Look for Phones to be by himself a lot in the top lane, he is a so so pick for tomorrow. Look for GL to roll in this one.

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Team GamerLegion vs Vipers Inc

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Faolep: Beea czbv GN muz ymnx ihy lcabn znk…

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