League of Legends -EU Masters – Round Play April 22

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Moviestar Raiders vs FC Schalke 04 Evolution

Moviestar Raiders is part of the LVP SLO (Superliga Orange) league out of Spain. They finished third with a 13-5 recorded and went on to the finals only to lose 2-3 to Vodanfone Giants. They average 14 kills a game and have a first blood rate of 62% and a first tower rate of 66%. They are lead by Xico, who has the most kills, the best FP% and the most damage on the team. Elyoya and Javaaa are also solid. This is a team that likes to fight.

FC 04 Evolution plays out of Germany in the Prime League. They finished the regular season 14-4 and won the spring playoffs, beating Mouz 3-1 in the finals. Neon and Innaxe have split time this year at ADC, with Innaxe getting the more games (something we need to keep any eye on). Gilius used to play the EU (now LEC) for FC 04 and Unicorns of Love. They are a team that likes to focus on objectives more than team fight, as in they average 9 kills per match. They have a 61% first blood and first tower rate as well.

If FC can control the early game and get this to the late game, i dont think they will have a problem for Moviestar. FC is the 3rd biggest fav on the board, but with their slower play i dont think they are as great in cash games, but i love them in the team spot.

Team Singularity vs K1ck Neosurf

Team Singularity is out of the Nordic League in Sweden. They finished the spring split with a 9-5 record and won their playoffs 3-1 over Vipers, Inc. This is another team that doesnt like to fight as much and go more for objectives. Reje is averaging a team high 5.7 kills a game. Vayu and Flystation both split time at SUP this split, so we need to keep an eye our for them as well.

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Moviestar Raiders vs FC Schalke 04 Evolution

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