League of Legends -EU Masters – Round Play April 25

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YDN Gamers vs BT Excel

This is a battle of the 2 last place teams in Group A. YDN dpnt look comfortable in any aspect of the game right but the good news is this team does like to fight, even though they arent great at it. Endz and Phantomles are their 2 main damage dealers, even thought we haven't seen that yet this tournament. BT Excel on the other hand has had some decent showings so far just could not get the win. Taxer is a solid jungler and kaSing has LEC experiance. Special and Deadly are their main damage dealers, and i actually like BT to take the win here in a semi bloody match.

GamerLegion vs GamerOrigin

This should be the closest match of the day. GL likes to get objectives and are also solid at team fighting. They are lead by former LEC ADC Hjarnan, and they are going to need him if they are going to win. They have looked very good in their 2 games so far. GamerOrigin comes in as the slight favorite and they to also like to play around the objectives. XSMILEY has been their best player so far and they will need toucouille to really step up if they are going to win this tomorrow. This is a GPP game in hopes that they both rack up kills, but i dont think they do. I like both of these teams in the team spot tomorrow.

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YDN Gamers vs BT Excel

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GamerLegion vs GamerOrigin

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