League of Legends – LEC / LCS Playoffs – Sunday 4/11

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MAD Lions vs Fnatic

I wrote this up in the LEC Friday/Saturday write up, but here it is again for you. MAD pulled off the upset over G2 last week and now turn their sites for FNC. MAD is playing really well right now, and i actually think they make this a lot closer match than people thing. Carzzy is a on a tear and Humanoid is a solid MID laner that can hang with Nemesis. The key match up of the match will be Bwipo and Oromoe. Rekkles and SelfMade are the keys for FNC. I like this to go 5 games, 3-2 FNC is my pick. I am still sticking to my original pick of FNC 3-2. I just think MAD has nothing to lose again and will pull out some weird drafts to try to catch FNC off guard.

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MAD Lions vs Fnatic

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