League of Legends – LEC / LCS Playoffs – Sunday 4/6

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Misfits Gaming vs Rogue

This is looking like it is going to be a close match. Both teams limped into the playoffs with Rogue lose 4 straight and Misfits losing 4 of 5. Rogues holds the head to head advantage this year 2-0. Hans Sama and Larssen are the 2 key guys for Rogue. If they get going early, i think they will take this series. Misfits are a pretty good mid to late game team, so Rogue will want to get ahead early if they want to have a shot here. Misfits is lead by Febiven in the middle. He is a top Mid Laner in the LEC. Bvoy and Razork will also have to have big games for Misfits to win. Im taking Rogue winning in 5 (3-2).

Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves

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Juqc Yzgzy

Misfits Gaming vs Rogue

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