League of Legends – LEC March 27, Draftkings and Fanduel Picks

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Rogue vs SK Gaming

Rogue is sitting in the playoffs and needs a win to avoid a possible match up with G2. They check in today as the 2nd biggest favorite on the slate. Hans Sama should abuse Crownshot in the Bot Lane. Inspired is a good jungler and look for them to get him involved early. Rogue should have this game wrapped up in the early game, but if SK can keep it close, they have a long shot of winning, not likely though.

Misfits vs Team Vitality

Misfits win and they are in. So look for them to come out focused today. Febiven is their best player, but there are times where he doesnt look involved in their game plan. Bvoy has a great match up to exploit today and Dan Dan up top should be just fine. MSF had a rough week last week going 0-2, but i dont see the same happening this week. Misfits are a great cash game play.


G2 vs FC Schalke 04

There isnt much to say about G2. They are good. Caps and Perkz are the best in the LEC, Jankos is the best jungler. They basically do whatever they want on the map vs anyone. Question is, will they care about this match? MY answer is yes, they have looked focused since coming back from the break. Play them confidence if you can get them in all formats!

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Nyug Klslk

Rogue vs SK Gaming

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Misfits vs Team Vitality

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League of Legends - LEC March 27, Draftkings and Fanduel Picks
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