League of Legends – LPL April 13

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OMG vs eStar

OMG likes to play a slow, controlled style of game and get objectives. eStar likes to play fast, get the kills and then the objectives. Each of the styles presents a problem for the other team. eStar is just far better than OMG here. Im going eStar here 2-0, but lower side of the kills due to OMG's play style.

LNG vs Royal Never Give Up

LNG is starting chenlyn17 in the top lane over Flandre, and he IS NOT IN the player pool. Looks like LNG is starting to look towards the summer split with this move. RNG has struggled in their last few, and this is a nice bounce back spot for them tomorrow, before they fall out of the playoffs. Look for RNG to roll here 2-0.

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OMG vs eStar

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LNG vs Royal Never Give Up

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