League of Legends – LPL April 14

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Rogue Warriors vs JD Gaming

RW is fighting for a playoff spot. They have won 3 of their last 4 matches coming into this one. Haro has been on a tear and they need him to be great tonight vs one of the best, in Kanavi. Wuming will get the start in the MID lane, and he played great after subbing in for Ruby last match. RW is playing lose and hectic right now which is causing problems for teams. JD Gaming on the other hand is sitting at 4th in the standings. Kanavi will have his hands full with Haro tomorrow, but I think he is the better player and has the better team around him tomorrow. I like JDG to come away with the 2-1 victory here. Look for this to be bloody, as RW dies the most in the LPL.

RW: Haro / ZWuJi / Wuming

JDG: All of JDG is in play

Vici Gaming vs Suning

Disappointing lose for SN last time out vs DMO, even though they did score well for DFS purposes. SN is a hard team to figure out, they are really good on paper, and their stats are very good, but they are not winning the games that they should. I think they hang around here and give VG all they can handle. huanfeng is a top ADC in the league. I think the grab a game here but the drafting of VG will limit them in the long run. VG on the other hand is sitting in the playoffs. iBoy and Hang will will have their hands full with huanfeng and SwordArt in the both lane. Aix and Forge will be the keys to a VG victory tonight. Look for this to go the distance as well, with VG winning 2-1.

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Rogue Warriors vs JD Gaming

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LQ: Wpgd / NKiXw / Ecuqvo

VPS: Ozz qh KEH lv xc vrge

Vici Gaming vs Suning

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