League of Legends – LPL April 19

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JD Gaming vs LGD Gaming

This match pairs up 2 good junglers vs each other, Peanut and Kanavi. JDG can still improve their playoff seeding, and i think they come out focused here. They have so many ways to beat you. Give me JDG 2-0 here in a bloodier game than normal for JDG.

Team WE vs EDward Gaming

Both of these teams were a disappointment last time they played. WE losing to LNG and putting their playoff hopes in jeopardy, and EDG losing 2-0 to IG in a 2nd game that they had a lead and just looked like they forgot how to team fight, which lead to IG winning. EDG is set in the playoffs and can not go up or down in the standings, leading to them giving Aodi and Junjia another shot tomorrow. WE still needs to win out to get into the playoffs and i think this one will be bloody and decide who takes down the GPPs tonight. Teacherma has his hands full with Scout. Jiumeng and Hope will be locked into each other as well. I think Morgan (gulp) and beishang have the best matchups for WE tonight and if they are going to win they need those 2 to step up. Give me WE 2-1 to keep their playoff hopes somewhat alive!

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JD Gaming vs LGD Gaming

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Team WE vs EDward Gaming

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