League of Legends – LPL April 7

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Bilibili Gaming vs Dominus Esports

Vegas thinks this will be a close game, even though DOM is 3-8 on the year. They have seen some recent success the last week, but overall this is not a good team. IF DMO is going to content in this game, it will be on the backs of Natural and GALA. DOM is a GPP type play tonight to pair with FPX and hopes they can pull of the upset. BLG has been struggling but their losses have come to the top tier of the LPL, and they are taking it to 3 games against those teams. This is a solid team that just can get over the hump. ADD in the top makes this team a lot better. Meteor is a top tier jungler in the LPL and I love pairing him with FoFo for tonight. I actually think we see a 2-0 BLG slaughter here tonight. Just dont think DOM has what it takes to hang with BLG.

eStar vs JD Gaming

This is going to be a good match and i wish it was the last match of the day. JDG is coming in looking for that signature win on the year, and eStar is looking to get back on track after dropping 2 in a row. eStar comes in as a team that like to fight, 298 Kills (17.5 a game). eStar like to play reckless at time and going for more team fights and high kills but also leaves them vulnerable to deaths. Cyin and Wink are the top 2 plays from ES. They put up the most damage, and can carry this team when they are struggling. They are a solid Cash/GPP play if you think they are going to win! JDG comes in just behind ES in kills on the season (4th in the LPL), but the difference in JDG is they don't nearly as much as ES. They dont put themselves in a position to die often and they tend to dominate a team fight when they happen. I actually and leaning with the dog tonight to win. JDG just seems to have move to play for and Zoom is back with Yagao and they are pretty damn good together. JDG like to control the Baron and those are the types of teams that give ES a struggle on the year. Look for this to be the bloodiest game on the slate and the winner of this match will be in GPPS. A deep GPP might also be to stack both sides of this as im thinking this is going to be a high kill match....

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Bilibili Gaming vs Dominus Esports

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