League of Legends – LPL / LCK April 10

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Victory Five vs Dominus Esports

These 2 teams are not very good. This is the last chance for V5 to get a series win in the LPL, and it still wont happen. I would fade them 100% tomorrow. DOM on the other hand are priced up and i cant trust them either, even with V5 dying all the time. They make for a good GPP play, but in cash im looking else where.

FunPlus Phoenix vs Vici Gaming

How many top dogs will fall this week to upsets? FPX is the next big dog up this week, and i dont see them losing this one. VG will try to slow down the game and force FPX to play out of their comfort zone. Problem is , VG doesnt have an answer for Doinb, Yes Forge has been playing great recently but i think Donib will expose him tomorrow. FPX is 2nd in the LPL in kills and they will look to end VG early. Doinb and Lwx are 2 top players in the LPL and they show out tonight. My one concern is VG really slows this game down and hurts the upside of FPX. But FPX 2-0 tomorrow.

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LPL Standings

Victory Five vs Dominus Esports

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FunPlus Phoenix vs Vici Gaming

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