League of Legends – LPL / LCK April 11

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OMG vs LGD Gaming

OMg is sitting in the last playoff spot, and they need to continue to win to hold onto it. OMG like to play slower and achieve objectives but can fight when they have to. icon and Smlz are the main pieces for OMG. If OMG is to win this, they need H4cker to play well and help get an early game lead. LGD comes in after their beat down of RNG the other night. This team likes to play aggressive and fight their way back if they are down. Peanut should be the key to their win, he helps get them the lead and allows for Kramer and Yuuki to farm and level up. LGD will look to push OMG here and OMG struggles with this type of team. LGD takes another upset this week 2-1.

Team WE vs eStar

eStar has dropped 3 in a row coming into this one. eStar loves to fight. While they have struggled a little bit recently, i think this is a good bounce back spot, as Team WE will be popular due to their recent success. Crying and Wink get back on track here and i think eStar run through WE tomorrow. Their price is super attractive for their upside. IM 100% fading WE and will be heavy on eStar.

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LPL Standings

OMG vs LGD Gaming

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Team WE vs eStar

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