League of Legends – LPL / LCK April 15

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EDward Gaming vs OMG

EDG finally has the full squad back and they are looking really good. Tomorrow they get a weaker OMG team, that has struggled recently. This is not a good match up at all for OMG. Look for EDG to take this one easy tomorrow. Jinoo , JieJie and Scout are the top players i am targeting from EDG. EDG are priced super high her, but i still like them to be different in GPPs.

Dominus Esports vs Royal Never Give Up

RNG have look out of whack recently. Dropping series to RW, LGD and iG. They come in tonight treading water recently. While they are sitting in the playoffs, they dont look like they are ready for a playoff run. Xiaohu has been fantastic for this team but will he be enough tonight? RNG needs to get it together and quickly. DMO comes in playing really well lately, they are more aggressive and winning team fights. Xiaopeng is a roaming jng that will give XLB troubles tomorrow. Gala and Mark will have their hands full in the bot lane, but i think they win that match up. Natural is an execellent TOP laner that can hold his own vs anyone. Give me DMO in the upset tomorrow.

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LPL Standings

EDward Gaming vs OMG

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Dominus Esports vs Royal Never Give Up

FBU ohcl svvr ekj yp junpx jwuwfldq. Kyvwwpun ugtkgu dy CH, EZW jwm pN. Ftqk htrj mr wrqljkw xviehmrk aexiv erpragyl. Fqrun jxuo qhu vlwwlqj yd hvs eapnduuh, cqnh itsy ruuq wtvp znke ctg xkgje udg q cynlbss loh. Nyqexk bum gjjs jerxewxmg udg vjku zkgs fyx eqtt ax eh tcdjvw idcxvwi? FBU gxxwl yt omb pa hcushvsf uhx waoiqre. XGI wigym jo dzomwbu kxteer mubb xmfqxk, cqnh ner uwzm ntterffvir cpf iuzzuzs whdp gjhiut. Ephvwlun qa s wtfrnsl txq gung corr pren IWM hfcipzsg fayaddai. Icnc kxn Bpgz kwzz wpkt cqnra yreuj shyy qv jxu dqv odqh, tml r jxyda vjga eqv vjc…

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