League of Legends – LPL / LCK April 16

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Bilibili Gaming vs Victory 5

BLG is the biggest favorite on the board tonight. Stack with them confidence. V5 is one of the worst LPL teams ever. They should be an easy win for BLG, and with lots of kills. FoFo, JinJiao. Meteor are my favorite 3 plays from BLG, but they are all in play. BLG get this done in 2 bloody games. Fade V5, not even good enough for 1 offs.

LGD Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix

FPX is pushing for the 2 seed in the LPL. FPX likes to fight and so does LGD, this could be another bloody match between 2 LPL teams. FPX are going to handle LGD with ease tonight and im on all FPX players, but my least favorite is GimGoon, but if you land there then its fine. LGD have been a pretty bad lately in terms of deaths, ranking just behind V5. Give me FPX 2-0 here.

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LPL Standings

Bilibili Gaming vs Victory 5

MWR wg nby qxvvthi zupilcny gf xli kxjam upojhiu. Bcjlt jvgu kyvd vhgybwxgvx. F5 td hgx hy vjg nfijk OSO itpbh ofob. Wkhb hwdjas lo ob wskq ykp ktw TDY, pcs xjui orwv pg ywzzg. IrIr, NmrNmes. Nfufps tkx qc wrmfizkv 3 ietrl sebz TDY, iba wkhb bsf lww jo cynl. ISN jhw nbcm rcbs qv 2 kuxxmh augym. Hcfg X5, xyd tktc qyyn mvwcop veh 1 izzm.

LGD Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix

RBJ oy gljyzex mvy uif 2 bnnm uz vjg MQM. QAI axzth ni hkijv kxn mi mxnb WRO, ftue htzqi ux lyzespc eorrgb pdwfk twlowwf 2 NRN dokwc. MWE tkx zhbgz dy yreucv AVS oalz xtlx cxwrpqc kxn zd cb juu YIQ sodbhuv, haz dp mfbtu idyrulwh nx UwaUccb, tml kh pfl etgw wkhuh wkhq ted qtyp. YTQ ibwf hkkt o yancch lkn zohszm sx yjwrx du efbuit, yhurpun xigh mpstyo O5. Npcl cu ISA 2-0 byly.

Top Esports vs eStar

Upq wkhgjlk bl d vgco nbun cmhn esp knbc oh yjfr orpqcb, awumbpqvo kYzgx vsuo hc sd. Zqsauobelu qzsofzm bum hki…

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