League of Legends – LPL / LCK April 5

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JD Gaming vs LNG Esports

LNG comes into this match up tonight on a 4 game losing streak. They look all out of sync. They are struggling to find constancy in any part of their game. Light is starting for Asura tonight, so watch for that. JDG is starting to play better, and they havent played since Monday. One big thing tonight for JDG, is they are getting their starting TOP laner Zoom back. He has been in quarantine and is now back with the team. He is a solid player and will look to jump back into the action tonight. Kanavi in the jungle should help him establish the top lane while Yagao and LokeN will control the other lanes. This is shaping up to be a JDG 2-0 victory.

Bilibili Gaming vs Edward Gaming

BLG has all the right players to be a good team, they just cant seem to put it all together. I really do like this spot for them tonight, but it is hard to trust them to be honest. They do get ADD back up top for this match up and if they had not had such poor play lately i would pick them for the upset, but instead im going to leave them for GPP and them maybe stealing a game. EDG are sitting as the top priced players on the slate. Hope should be able to destroy JinJiao. Pairing him with Meiko is always a nice way to go. While i think EDG win this, i still think BLG can steal a game, EDG wins 2-1 and they dont pay off their high salaries.

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LPL Standings

JD Gaming vs LNG Esports

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Bilibili Gaming vs Edward Gaming

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