League of Legends – LPL / LCK April 8

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Rogue Warriors vs Vici Gaming

Both teams played yesterday morning. RW hung in there with TOP as they tried out different things, even taking a game. RW like to get ZWuJi going early. He is a stud and if RW is to pull off the upset, it will be on his shoulders. Haro is a very aggressive jungler and will look to apply pressure throughout the map. VG comes in after losing to OMG last night. They also like to get iBoy ahead early in the match and it should be a fun one to watch between him nad ZWuJi. VG is priced out of consideration for me tonight, i dont think they will win 2-0 and even if they do, i doubt the get the kills to hit value. I do like RW in the spot, and actually i am picking them to win this 2-1.

Suning vs OMG

Vegas thinks this is going to be a close match. Suning beat V5 the other night and have taken a game off Top and JD Gaming. They like to focus on huanfeng in the bot lane and get him going. He is a monster down there. For SN to win this, huanfeng needs to be on his game and they must limit the mistakes, something i am not confident that they can do. OMG on the other hand just beat VG and hold the final playoff spot. OMG has been playing towards their TOP lane more with Curse and H4cker. This is something that SN struggle with and if huanfeng cant apply pressure early, it could be disaster for SN. Im going OMG here 2-1, but can easily see this being 2-0 OMG.

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LPL Standings

Rogue Warriors vs Vici Gaming

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Suning vs OMG

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