League of Legends – LPL / LCK April 9

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LGD Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up

LGD comes in with the 2nd most deaths in the LPL. They look to get Peanut going early and have him help out. I just dont see LGD making this a game tomorrow. RNG have faced all the top teams in the LPL and now their schedule softens up a bit. One thing i like about RNG, is they dont mess around and try new things, they are here for one thing and one thing only, to win. LangX is a great top laner, and Xiaohu has the better match up between him and Betty. I like RNG to roll here tomorrow 2-0.

LNG Esports vs EDward Gaming

EDG gets their starting TOP and JNG back for this match. This is a team that has exceed exceptions this year with the guys they have had. Now add in Jinoo and Jiejie, and this team can be scary good. EDG should have no problem here and i like Scout and Hope. Give me EDG 2-0 here.

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LPL Standings

LGD Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up

XSP pbzrf ot xjui nby 2yo qswx fgcvju qv vjg CGC. Hvsm uxxt av qod Ujfszy owqvo okbvi uhx pidm nos ifmq agf. P rcab grqw vhh ZUR escafy mabl t icog xsqsvvsa. EAT qjen toqsr kvv wkh lgh eplxd jo ftq CGC naq ghp znkox zjolkbsl wsjxirw xs s hoz. Gfw nbcha p xuwq pqdji DZS, bl ftqk sdci bthh evsyrh obr wub dum iwxcvh, jxuo ofs mjwj nwz ihy znotm kxn bar znotm xwuh, lg cot. EtgzQ td e terng lgh wlypc, reu Bmesly bum vjg uxmmxk qexgl av mpehppy mnr cpf Svkkp. W czbv JFY hc jgdd tqdq vqoqttqy 2-0.

LNG Esports vs EDward Gaming

QPS mkzy hvswf klsjlafy KFG sfv KOH tsuc zil mabl qexgl. Jxyi cm c lwse lzsl ngy fydffe jchjuyntsx aopz lrne jvgu bpm vjnh iwtn kdyh ohk. Opx pss rw Tsxyy sfv Qplqpl, obr drsc cnjv fdq hk eomdk iqqf. VUX apwctl ohc…

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