League of Legends – LPL / LCK March 26

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Victory 5 vs OMG

OMG comes in here as a big favorite. Look for Smlz, icon and H4cker to lead the charge for them tonight. Their price is what really makes them attractive tonight, look for them to be very popular in cash games. V5 is a bottom tier team and I dont see OMG having any problems here today. OMG are Cash and GPP Plays, and I wouldn't touch V5.

Top eSports vs JD Gaming

This is the closest of the LPL games on the slate, and to be honest, it really isnt even that close. JD hasnt played since their upset loss to EDG last week and they are looking to get back on track. JDG will look to attack the bot lane and exploit Photic and QiuQiu. If TOP is going to pull out the upset, it will be because of knight, Karsa and 369. JD Gaming are cash/GPP plays and TOP is a GPP play.

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LPL Standings

Rogue Warriors vs Dominus Esports

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League of Legends - LPL / LCK March 26
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